We recommend that any question about the call text be submitted in writing to contact@research-collaboration.lu Luxinnovation will redirect the question to the Funding authorities if needed. The FAQ section will be updated with answers to questions received so that all participants can have access to the same level of information.

No. 700.000€ is the maximum level of grants provided by the Ministry of the Economy and the FNR per project. Participants can of course increase the level of self-funding.

Yes. However, entities outside Luxembourg cannot receive funding from either the Ministry of the Economy, or the FNR. They can either self-fund their contribution or should guarantee their ability to cover the contribution in a project. Consortia should bear in mind that if a participant bases its contribution on an external source of funding which would be declined, this would jeopardize the entire project.

There is no fixed limit. Considering the precise scope of this call and the maturity of the ecosystem, the funding authorities foresee for this pilot call a limited number of consortia. On overall estimated budget of 5M€ is foreseen for both companies and research organisations. It is up to the entities to define how much effort they can put in different proposals. The organisers draw the attention of participants to the investment required to prepare a full project proposal in this area, given the requirements related to the medical application (clinical investigation, etc). Only projects that will reach a certain quality threshold will be funded.

The research-collaboration.lu platform is open to any contributor or stakeholder interested in contributing to ideas addressing a societal or economic challenge. Ecosystem players can thus represent citizens, investors, consultants or civil servants, etc. One of the objectives of the platform is to prepare project proposals that can be submitted to the funding authorities according to the eligibility criteria of their programmes. In the Luxembourg ecosystem, the Ministry of the Economy co-funds economic activities (companies) and the National Research Fund supports research activities. We do not offer the opportunity to non-eligible organisations to initiate a project, in order to avoid investment in projects that cannot be pursued, due to a lack of funding. Ecosystem players can suggest their thoughts and propose their insights as contributors to project ideas… ideas a company or a research organisation might pursue. It could happen that a user registers as an ecosystem player and sees later on that the entity could become eligible for funding. In this case, please contact contact@research-collaboration.lu and we will update your profile accordingly.

In the context of open innovation, the protection of intellectual property (IP) plays a crucial role. Without IP protection, you may not want to share any ideas. Open innovation does not imply a free sharing of ideas and know-how. Open innovation and protecting ideas as well as intellectual property can go hand in hand, if relevant measures are in place. Do not disclose confidential, non-obvious, novel and detailed information about your ideas or solutions when posting an idea. Sign a non-disclosure agreement before entering into discussions.

The first thing to have in mind is that the “Idea platform” is an open platform and confidential information should not be published. When describing a project idea, your objective as the project initiator is to raise awareness and to encourage stakeholders to share their suggestions and to connect if relevant. The description should thus enable understanding what your objectives are and what the underlying concept is without providing any technical information. It is also recommended to describe well the expertise needed and what type of synergies you are looking for.

Project initiators are often interested in getting access to relevant contributions but are sometimes concerned by the fact that some stakeholders would use this opportunity to market less suitable services. Initiators always have the possibility to decide at their own discretion whether they want to pursue discussions with a party.

The aim of the platform is to connect people and to add transparency to the process of forming a consortium. Main discussions will take place in bilateral exchanges with the project initiator, preferably under non-disclosure agreements. Instead of directly entering into contact with the project initiator, the use of the public platform allows the contributor to increase visibility around its expertise. In some cases, it is understandable that a stakeholder interested in a project idea does not want to be identified. The possibility to publish anonymous comments is an encouragement to use the open platform even in such cases, as the transparency on the expertise suggested brings added value to other platform users.

No. Consortia can immediately start a project when the call opens. Select a call, go to the “View all ideas” section. When the call opens, there will be an option: “Start a project”. We recommend using the “Connect” section as this gives the opportunity to the project initiators to tap into a formidable knowledge pool. Consortia should always beware of publishing any confidential information.

No. The objective of the platform is to support collaborative research. It is a minimum requirement to make sure that at least one research organisation and one company are involved in a project before starting it. When starting a project, the project initiator will be asked to communicate the e-mail address of a user in a partner organisation. The consortium can start preparing a project only when that user will have registered on the platform and accepted to join the project.

Yes. To add a partner, you only have to mention the email address of the invited user. The invitation will be sent out only after all consortium members have approved the invitation. To remove a consortium member, send a request to the contact point for the call.