How it works will guide you through the process of establishing a joint project proposal for the National Research Fund and the Ministry of the Economy. A dedicated space is available for each funding opportunity.

How it works
  1. Post an idea
    Finding partners: post an idea or contribute to ideas
  2. Start a project
    Getting the funders’ perspective: define a project
  3. Prepare a proposal
    Building one single technical document: prepare a project proposal

1. Finding partners

When a call is announced, those interested can post project ideas on the platform. The aim is to connect research organisations, companies and ecosystem players. Please note that users registered as ecosystem players cannot post ideas but can see all ideas.

If you have a project idea: click on “Post an idea”.

Provide a description of your idea – without disclosing any confidential information – that outlines how it could potentially be implemented, in order to find partners with the right know-how and experience. Platform visitors will not be able to see your name or organisation at this stage, but only whether the idea has been submitted by a company or a research organisation.

Potential partners will be able to:

  • comment on your idea and suggest how they can help. Comments will be visible to all.
  • submit a contact request through the platform (your contact details will not be disclosed). You will receive a notification and can decide whether you would like to pursue discussions by e-mail.

If you would like to contribute: click on “View all ideas”.

You can find relevant ideas by searching keywords. Click on “View details” to see the full description of an idea. You may then:

  • “leave a comment” on the platform (our recommended option). Publishing comments will encourage the collaborative process of enriching a project idea. Your comments can be anonymous or published under your name. Even if your comments are anonymous, you agree to share your contact details with the project initiators so that they can revert to you in case of interest.
  • request to “get in touch” with the holder of a project. She/he will receive a notification including any comments from you that can help them better understand why you are interested in their ideas. As platform managers, we cannot guarantee that project initiators will revert to you.

The platform has only been designed to help partners get in contact with each other. Once parties have accepted to start discussions bilaterally, we strongly recommend that you discuss privately under non-disclosure agreements.

2. Start a project

Click on “Start a project” once you have identified (a) possible partner(s) and set up your project consortium. Define the project title and provide the e-mail address of at least one project partner.

“Start a project” guides you through the first mandatory stage of calls structured in two stages: 1) project outline; 2) full project proposal. The project outline step allows participants to get feedback from the funding bodies on the alignment of the project with the call and on the eligibility of participating companies. Do not miss to complete your project outline before the deadline of Stage 1! Information will only be shared with consortium partners. Information related to eligibility (e.g. financials and company size) will only be visible to the company concerned,Luxinnovation and the concerned funding body.

At the end of this step, successful consortia will be invited to the next stage and receive recommendations that will help them prepare full project proposals.

3. Prepare a proposal

After completing the “Start a project” phase successfully, you can use the “Prepare a proposal” section of the platform to complete the full project proposal together with your partners. The platform will help you and your partners prepare one single document describing a common timeline, a clear allocation of tasks, responsibilities, costs and intellectual property.

In parallel, you will need to prepare your funding applications to the Ministry of the Economy (companies) and the FNR (research organisations). The documents to be used can be found on MyGuichet and the FNR platform. You can export your final document from the platform and annex it to your funding applications. Do not miss to send your funding application to FNR or the Ministry of the Economy before the Stage 2 deadline.

Please note that structure of the proposals is aligned with the needs of national funding agencies in Luxembourg. We cannot guarantee that this document can be used to apply to funding agencies in other countries.